The Original Architecture of Humanity

If you asked me 18 months ago where I’d be today – there’s no way I’d be saying Crescent, Oklahoma. Don’t get me wrong – I love that I’m here! You can know who’s in the grocery store just by seeing the cars in the parking lot. You never meet a stranger… And for some people here, you never meet someone that isn’t partly related to you…

But, even though I’m back in my home town, I’ve never been more excited about life. Oklahoma is probably one of the most boring states in the US, and Crescent is not the most vivid city to live in (I shouldn’t say city – more like village). BUT GOD IS MOVING HERE!


Awakening and revival are coming to Crescent, Oklahoma! And it’s something that is going to be lasting and carried out through the local church – and it’s coming through love and power.

The love of God is so much more than a bandaid for our mistakes and a face for our creator, but it is the power that recreates lives. That reshapes identities. It is the force that brings the god-given potential, already resting, hiding in every human being, out to the surface. And if we are able to carry that mindset into the work place and into the schools, think about the change we’d see. Seriously let’s think about this!

Imagine if Christians were known more for what they support than what they’re against.

God is raising us up to go out and actually change our culture. Not just be in it – but change it! Let’s be dreamers! Let’s be creative and think of ways to get involved with our cities! Be a substitute teacher, join a city counsel, coach a little league team – do what you love, but do it to benefit your city. Let’s think and dream beyond the four walls of our churches.

It is the architecture and design of every human being to be significant and unique, and I believe Christians should be the ones supporting people to rise to their own god-given potential.

Let me ask you something and step on your toes.
When you watch the news do you criticize the problems and the people in sin? Or is your heart moved to see them healed and made new? When you see a homosexual couple walking in the mall do you stick up your noise in disgust? Or are you moved with compassion to see those people made new by the love of God?

What is it that moves you? that stirs you?

Are you falling more in love with humanity or becoming callused towards the world? If your theology doesn’t make you love people MORE – then you probably should change your theology cause it’s wrong.

I just want to challenge you to view the people in your city, your school, your work, your home with the eyes of their original intent.
Genesis 1:26 talks about how we were created in the image and likeness of God. The word “image” and “likeness” here literally mean, “shadow,” “illusion,” “fashion,” “model.” Which is to say that our original architecture and design was to look so much like God that it would be like an illusion to tell us apart. This is in every single person! This is the design of humanity!

There’s so much more I could say on this, but for the sake of this blog I’ll keep it short. But this is exactly what we see Jesus do. He was “moved with compassion.”

Can you imagine what our world would look like if Christians looked at humanity with this in mind? To reveal His love and His power! Can you imagine what Target would look like if Christians walked in there revealing the god-given potential inside of people through God’s love by His power?

This is happening in Crescent – and it is only the beginning! I am so proud of my students! We are seeing healings, salvations, and kids praying for each other in class – and it’s so awesome! But I believe we are going to see a mass awakening happen in the body of Christ in the Crescent area.

And it’s going to be rad.

So what are you doing to reveal that potential in people? To reveal God’s love. Are you falling more in love with humanity? When you look at people do you see their original design?


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