What If Your Thought Life Wasn’t Original?

So one day I was thinking… And I thought, what if I really didn’t mean to originate this thought? And is it possible to actually originate your own thought? Is it even possible for the mind to create a 100% original thought?


You know you can be thinking about one thing and it will lead you to think about something completely different? Well, is there ever a thought that you have that wasn’t inspired by another thought?

Like right now I see a cardboard box, which makes me think of movers, which makes me think of trucks, which makes me think of gas stations, which makes me think of ice cream, which makes me think of Lord of the Rings. All that came from me just looking at a cardboard box.

Everything has a beginning. All things come from one source eventually. All apples came from one original apple tree. So I wonder if our thought lives are the same way.. I don’t know.. Maybe.

Like no matter what you start thinking about, you could probably trace it back to why you started thinking about that. Because no matter what you think about, it was caused by some sort of other thought that you had. I don’t think there’s ever just NOTHING in your head and then SOMETHING. There’s always something that spring boards your thoughts. Right? Maybe not… I don’t know.

Just a weird thought I had.

But it makes me think, what was the original thought then?… What was the first thing Adam thought? Did God plant the first thought in him? And if so would He be able to predict the outcome of that thought? I wonder what everyone first thought is..

Can babies think? Can they think other than “feed me” and “I’m tired”? Can babies be inspired? When does a baby start to actually think thoughts? I mean I guess they’re thinking thoughts in the womb, but I wonder when they can be inspired.. I don’t know, maybe they can be.

Hmm… Sorry I know this is a weird, pointlessly random thought. Ha!

But if we are made in the image of God then of course we have to have original thoughts! I mean God is the most original being ever.

So I don’t agree with anything I just said… I think.

Maybe we are inspired more by our surroundings more than we think we are. Maybe this just goes to show that what is around us really can alter how we think, and the mindsets we have.

Interesting thought I had.. Random I know.


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