we found the beginning of nowhere.

Climbing the Guadalupe Peak was one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Carrying a 40lb+/- bag walking 4.25 miles up a mountain is pretty tiring! There was certain times when I started to see stars and almost blacked out. I’ve never done anything like this before! It was a big stretch for me, but the beauty of the mountains, the thought of success, and my bros kept me going. Because you want to stop and just look around! Its gorgeous up there! But the higher you go, the more beautiful it becomes. I could have stayed and been satisfied with the limited beauty that I saw, but I chose to go see more. You could just stare at the distance forever and it never get old. But it was such a challenge to get up it. Why? Was it the actual height of the mountain that made it difficult? Or was it my physical ability and endurance? It definitely made it harder from all the extra weight I was carrying. But I decided to see more, and it was worth the struggle. I remember I had to slow my breathing down at certain points cause I felt as if I was about to black out, so there was this maturity and control I had to have to make it to the top and just press on for that second wind. I could not have done it without bros. I was pushed SO much.

But what rest and beauty we found at the top! It was crazy. The sunset, the sunrise, the deer we saw, the stars. the moon, the rocks, all of it was breathtakingly beautiful (mainly because the wind was so cold). And I had never heard such silence. You hear nothing but the mountain breath. You look out from the top of the mountain and you can just kinda see lights in the distance, but there was just nothing around. It was like we found the beginning of nowhere. 


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