Why Lady Gaga is Discipling More Youth Than Your Youth Pastor

Lady Gaga is an incredible youth pastor! She’s doing a better job than me.

I work at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, so I get to see and hear a lot of bands and celebrities that come through. Lady Gaga came a couple weeks or so ago, and I was so impressed with her! Like I knew Lady Gaga was crazy and I knew she had a big and unique fan base, but I wasn’t really expecting this. She had tents set up outside and while people were waiting in line she had a team go out and talk and like just see how people were doing, it was crazy! Like the team was there to like help people and talk to them and just encourage them. Then on her last song – or maybe it was the second from the last – she brought up a bunch of fans to the stage and hugged each one and spoke life and just encouraged them to be who they want and just encouraged them to go for their dreams, – which is GREAT! like thats awesome in and of itself -and I was incredibly impressed with her. She was like crying and stuff!… But man… I knew what she was really doing… I’m sitting there watching her and it just hit me what she was really doing. Because who is the majority of her fan base? Teenagers! Her huge following is mainly teens. I saw too many 15 year olds in dresses that night. So what was she doing?… She’s discipline this generation. Lady Gaga has created a place where teens can come and feel like someone believes in them. She their hero, and honestly rightfully so. She’s a symbol of hope to the young homosexual community. And because of this.. She’s changing our culture.

A movie I recently watched that also got me thinking about this was, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Great movie! You can’t leave that movie without feeling… Well, “infinite” (if you’ve seen the movie then you know what I mean). But again, I saw it here in this movie, it’s a safe place for young homosexuals to go to. The movie just created this.. Empathy for homosexuals. And it’s changing how our culture thinks. It’s changing our culture.

How is it that the gay community has gotten so engraved into our culture that it’s making the Boy Scouts turn and accept gays? Like seriously, go google it. It’s crazy. I mean the homosexual community was laughed at by the church in the 80s because no one thought it could make this kind of impact.. 38 homosexuals got together and wrote a manifesto that basically said they were going to change the schools and the media and do all this stuff, and the church laughed at them.. But guess what. They did it. Homosexuality is like a normal, so much so that if you’re against it you’re looked down upon.

How did they do this?

While the church has been trying to bring revival to this generation, they have been discipline them. And they have changed the way this generation thinks. Our mindsets have completely changed. We have been having pizza parties and trying to get kids to get saved, and the whole time the cultures mindset has been changing.

Its like our entire concept of discipling is to just get our teenagers healthy christians and teach them to bring their friends so we can get them saved and healthy Christians. AND THATS GREAT! Thats wonderful!! And how beautiful it is to see a young person come to know God and commit their lives to Him. But we have like no World view, or maybe I should call it World mindset. it’s like maybe we’re not catching the big picture. What about the earth? What about our schools? What about the media? What about our government? It’s like we think – God will fix all that when he raptures us, let’s just focus on the person. The problem with that is, Jesus told us to preach the gospel of the KINGDOM.

If we are living our lives with the GOAL to just go to heaven, then we are missing the big picture of what Jesus really came to do. He came to restore the family.

Look at the Lord’s Prayer – “…[Gods] will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…”
Not “Your will be done for salvation and then get me outta here..”
I mean why do Christians have all their stuff? Why is there like a Christian music industry? Like I understand the value of Christian music and entertainment. But if the goal is to fulfill the great commission, then why is the fan base mainly Christian? It compartmentalizes our lives. Which I think is stupid. There’s not a Christian David and a worldly David – I’m just David.
What I’m saying is, the church needs to break out of its bubble and it needs to change it’s mindset. I don’t believe every church in America is failing!! No, I’m not saying that at all! And trust me man, I know a lot of this just sounds negative but be excited, because this is an opportunity!! This is an opportunity for God to do miraculous things in the earth! But our mindset needs to change! We are here to affect a culture! Not just people’s lives.. And please understand me when I say that. And of course there are people out there that our doing this. There are churches doing this.. But from what I see, majority of the body of Christ has this bubble mindset.
Because we have our generation being discipled by people, like Lady Gaga, that know how to change a culture.. And I don’t know.. She may not really understand even what she’s doing.. I don’t know.. But regardless, she’s doing it.

So anyways, I feel like I could keep going but ill stop. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot recently. I know its really just directed towards Christians. So let’s change the world – and I know that’s cliche!!! – but whatever! I don’t care! Let’s do it, let’s change the world by changing the culture. Christians let’s go into the world and change it. Not wait for the world to come to our church to change it.


11 thoughts on “Why Lady Gaga is Discipling More Youth Than Your Youth Pastor”

  1. Interesting article, but I don’t entirely agree.. Lady Gaga may be a good person as far as the world is concerned but if you really look at what she’s doing to the youth today.. it’s unacceptable. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is making a theological point. It contends that sexual orientation is an innate and immutable quality of the human condition—a trait that we are “born” with. Whether you are gay, straight, or whatever, God made you this way, and for that reason you should embrace it. Or as Gaga herself puts it, “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track baby. I was born this way.”

    The message of this song relates deeply upon the “Is-ought” fallacy, the idea that we can determine what ‘ought’ to be by observing what is. The song’s message also flies in the face of the Bible’s depiction of a fallen creation. It is true that God created human beings in His own image and that is a result every single human has intrinsic value and worth. It is not true, however, that God endorses every thought and intention of the human heart. We live in a Genesis 3 world in which humanity and the cosmos are fallen and compromised by sin. That means that some of our desires are misdirected even some of the ones that we are born with. That we desire sin from birth is not a cause of celebratory anthems but an indiction of just how desperate the human condition really is.

    I have to admit, I totally agree with what you said here “If we are living our lives with the GOAL to just go to heaven, then we are missing the big picture of what Jesus really came to do. He came to restore the family.” But I don’t think we should look towards a pop star for advice.We are all sinners, we all come from a lifestyle of wickedness, do we accept what we are and continue in that sin? No. We as a church really have a hard time criticizing sin, we either go too far and appear hateful or don’t go far enough and appear as if we’re accepting the sinner without repentance.

    Lady Gaga, claims that she loves her “Little Monsters” While exhorting them to break the shackles of self-imposed weakness, she performs in the foreground of the cross. When viewers try to peek around her theatrics to behold the man with outstretched arms wearing thorns upon his head, she reclaims their attention with provocative display of eroticism. “keep your eyes on me all you who are rejected, ridiculed, and out of place in society,” she cries. “I am your mother.”… What love is this?

    But that Man will not be silenced. His love is too broad to be concealed. His redemption isn’t a performance. It was a real cross, with real nails, in real time. Truly God and truly man, he died a physical death for actual sin resulting in genuine redemption. This one Savior, truly rose from the grave and really lives. Therefore, his promise is unyielding. He is the Savior of the world; his name is Jesus.

  2. Yeah Brandon that’s true! But I think you may have misunderstood what I was really saying about Lady Gaga. I wasn’t referring to her shows performance and what she does in her show, I was mainly talking about HOW she has the relationship with her fans the way she does.

  3. I think you have to admit that the biggest way she influences her audience is from the music she produces with catchy beats that masks its ideological edge. One of Lady Gaga’s reasons for her behavior is “vicarious eccentricity”. If she is weird, it takes pressure off of others who are seen as weird. She attracts the alienated. This is why social outsiders, in the closet college students, and under appreciated housewives love her.

    She speaks to virtually everyone with her message of love and understanding. “we are all born superstars!” But if her fans truly believed and adopted this doctrine as their own, would one of her fans recently commit suicide because of bullying? Jamey rodemeyer, a 15 year old from New york, took his own life a year or so ago. His last words were sent in a tweet to his idol. “Goodbye, mother monster. Thank you for all you’ve done. Paws up forever.” Jamey had been viciously taunted on account of his homosexuality. Unfortunately, his idol and her promise of deliverance couldn’t save the sorrow that plagued the young boy.

    We should focus more on Christ and what he teaches, we don’t need the world’s philosophy mixed into the bible, it will always collide. We cannot accept the world and try to be like it while reading a book that rebuked its lifestyle. The secular world is hard at work, framing its secular worldviews and exercising an incalculable influence on the broader culture. Now is the time for vigorous christian thinking, for the development of authentic christian men and women who are able to confront the wisdom of the world… not join it.

  4. I wasn’t suggesting we be like Lady Gaga. I fully believe Christ has to be the focal point of everything. I’m in no way suggesting we “join” the world.

    I am suggesting the church should leave the church and go into the world and effect it – not just wait for it to come to them. And some churches do this!
    I don’t think we should use the wisdom of the world, but we should be involved in it.

  5. I fully agree David!!!! Thank you for sharing this simple yet overlooked truth. I know your not condoning Lady Gaga’s message, but she understands how to make relationships and how to make people feel like they belong. Since it’s not belonging to Jesus, her works are anti Christ. Meaning not for Christ. I know that we try and over complicate the GO and make disciples… But when was the last time I “went to make disciples? The truth is… when they come to my youth group. So well Said Mr. Lemarr!!!!

    I miss you and you family friend!!!

  6. Well put! It’s not cliche! Faith without action has no life! In order to change the world Christians have to work to impact more than just this circle of other Christians we are used to reaching. But not only that we need to be willing to live life with people and care more about them than rest of the world does… Not more than they do but true honest and authentic discipleship is more about doing life together and caring beyond the surface. People really want interaction and acceptance so if they have to look to Lady Gaga to get it then they will. Because well honestly your average church has become a glorified drive thru. You are getting fed but there is no fellowship, interaction is limited and accountability is almost non-existent. It used to be people were encouraged to share their faith without fear and people were in each others lives like really not this Facebook Message and Tweet @ Me some time but like I’m gonna have coffee lunch dinner or just come over and help you do stuff around the house kinda stuff! When did it the church stop being about fellowship of the body and start being about being fed? Aren’t we responsible for feeding ourselves? Sorry I kinda got off on a bit of a rant there.

    But good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. “Lady Gaga is an incredible youth pastor! She’s doing a better job than me.”

    If an unsaved demonized person is doing a better job than you, then that is really sad. Maybe you should rethink your career? Those “relationships” are meaningless without God. If you want to truly judge her on how she affects the youth, just check her lyrics and how she dresses.

    “She’s their hero, and honestly rightfully so. She’s a symbol of hope to the young homosexual community. And because of this.. She’s changing our culture.”

    Isn’t Jesus supposed to be our hero? How are kids looking up to her rather than God a good thing?

    “Why is there like a Christian music industry? Like I understand the value of Christian music and entertainment. But if the goal is to fulfill the great commission, then why is the fan base mainly Christian? It compartmentalizes our lives. Which I think is stupid.”

    There are a lot of bands that are just christian guys playing music that doesn’t necessarily have to do with God in every song but just hard times in their life and what not. There’s actually a lot of people who aren’t Christians that still listen to that type of music because its inspiring and gives hope. There are interviews with bands like Underoath and Emery, where they say that people come up to them after the show and thank them for writing a certain song because it made them rethink committing suicide.

    A non christian not committing suicide is far more valuable than these worthless relationships that lady gaga has with fans.

    “The problem with that is, Jesus told us to preach the gospel of the KINGDOM.”

    The thing is that she is not preaching the gospel to anyone. In the end, I understand the value as a Christian, developing relationships with unsaved people, to learn where they are coming from to better preach the gospel to them. Rather than just shoving it down their throats and telling them they are going to hell, etc. But as an unsaved person like Lady Gaga, those relationships hold no value. If anything, she is teaching people to look up to her rather than God. Brandon quoted lyrics from her song, “keep your eyes on me all you who are rejected, ridiculed, and out of place in society.” She is teaching the youth to look to her for answers and comfort rather than the Jesus.

  8. I think you totally misunderstood what I was trying to get across.. I wasn’t condoning or supporting lady gaga. The lady is crazy! Totally demonized! What I was doing was using her example as to how she’s building a relationship with her fans so much to the point that they would commit suicide in her name. She brings hope to the homosexual community. What is the church doing for the homosexual community? Telling them they’re going to hell? We need to love those people too. And some churches and Christians are doing that! Which is awesome! I was speaking of more of a generalization.

    And I agree with you, there are tons of Christian bands with Christian labels that are helping people. Not against those People or bands! But I do not people Christians should separate themselves from the world. That’s what I was getting at. Like is there a difference between Christian electricians and secular ones? No of course not! Then why is there with music?

    And with your last paragraph.. I think you just totally misunderstood what I was trying to say lol. I am not supporting lady gaga! Not at all! Of course she’s not preaching the gospel!! She’s changing the culture for the worse!! But it’s the method in which she’s doing it that I think Christians – as a whole – should look at and take from.

  9. If shes changing the culture for the worse, than what do we possibly have to learn from her? You clearly stated that she is an incredible youth pastor… but now you are saying she isn’t?

    I understand separating ourselves from the world to reach out to non believers. Jesus himself hanged around with sinners more than believers. And in a general view, you can say the church is doing the opposite. If that’s what you are saying, then I agree. However I fail to see how that relates to lady gaga.

  10. No she is. She’s someone that’s leading this generation. I didn’t say she was leading them to a good place lol. The METHOD is what we need to be looking at.

    Yes that is what I’m saying.
    How it relates to her is her method. It’s HOW she’s leading these kids. I’d say the majority of churches in America don’t really do a lot of campus ministries and a lot of “going out” – some do! And those churches are awesome!!
    But I mean lady gaga sets up tents outside of her concerts with teams to just talk with people. She brings people on stage just to tell them they’re special and unique. Man, churches need to have that kind of relationship with the lost. And like I said, some do, and that’s great. But I also so a lot of separation between the church and the world, and I don’t think that’s a good strategy to change the world.

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