Hungry for Fire

Tuesday night 9-18-12

When I walked out of my room to go to Tuesday Night Encounter at CFNI I kinda just whispered to God that I missed how things were between us in High School. How I wasn’t as busy and could just pray and worship for hours and not have to worry about any time management. How that fresh fire from being a young Christian just burned in my heart. I was completely and utterly lost in God’s love. How I was completely in love with the God-man Jesus.

So I get to TNE and at first it was just a normal service – nbd – whatever. But Gabe, the worship leader there, went into this song called “Set a Fire”, and it brought me back to that place in High School. Now I’ve heard this song a lot, this wasn’t like my first time hearing it. I’ve know the song for a couple years now. But there was something about it that night that God did. The lyrics:

“Set a fire down in my soul, that I can’t contain, and I can’t control, I want more of you God, I want more of you God.”

That night God reminded me of the scripture that I used to read all the time in Jeremiah 20, which is where the song comes from, where Jeremiah talks about this fire shut up in his bones. So I’m worshipping with this song and immediately I was taken back to High School, back when the fire had just started. God was just rekindling this fire inside and just stirring my love for Him.

I remember thinking, “dang it! The one time I don’t bring my notebook God speaks to me!”
So I find some paper and just start pouring my love out all over it. And God is just igniting my heart even more and my hunger for God was just growing.

Something I’ve realized about Kingdom hunger is that more you eat the hungrier you get.

So if you’re not hungry… You probably haven’t eaten in a while.

When I had first heard “Set a Fire” I was riding in my friends car and he had the united pursuit bands cd like as soon as it came out.. He was like a hipster worshipper that listened to all the cool worship song before they were cool.. Whatever. So I remember hearing this song and just crying in my friends car. Because it stirs such a hunger in me! It brings me back to Jeremiah..

You see Jeremiah wasn’t exactly in the best position when he said there was fire in his bones. He hadn’t just got out of church or night of worship when he said it.. HE WAS IN PRISON. He had just been put in stocks and threatened to be made an example of and killed.

I admire Jeremiah’s heart.

Oh! How my heart burns to see God! Just to know Him.

Just to know Him.

Read Jeremiah 20, let it stir hunger in you.

Eat and be hungry!


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