Smart Phones :: Dumb People

phones :: people

I am amazed at the knowledge that we have at our fingertips. It’s crazy how there’s nothing we couldn’t learn if we just looked. We have a glorious window open to us – The Internet.
Thank you Al Gore.
And yet with all this unlimited knowledge people are even more retarded.. Or I guess i should say ignorant.
I read some old math books from the 1800’s and they were incredibly harder than today’s math. Like made me feel like an idiot hard.. Sorta.

And I don’t really have a lot to say about this subject. It’s just more of a little interesting thought I had.

I want to be smart and I want to better myself. This summer me and my friend Landon made a commitment to write a list of goals each week so we can better ourselves, so we can be more smart. (did that on purpose)

But I ask myself, why? Why do I want to be smarter?
So I look good? For the sake of just being smarter?
Well…. Yes. All those things kind of go into play. I want to be smarter to look good. I love that I can put on my resume that I went to an engineering academy and took 12 or so AP classes. And I think it’s a good thing to learn more for the sake of gaining knowledge. I mean your brain is a muscle just like any other and it should be exercised and worked out just like any other muscle.

But when it all comes down to it… I just want to be the best person I can be for the purpose God has for me. I think sometimes I can get into this mindset of “okay I’m going to do what i want for God”. And yeah there is a degree where that’s good to do what you love and such, but at the same time… You, right now in this state of mind, don’t know what God has planned for you. I want to do what God wants me to do. Whatever the heck that is. I try to be the best i can so I can be prepared and ready for whatever God has for me. I want as less lack as I can get on my end. Cause there’s none on His end.


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