Dreams & Dreaming

I started this blog last October in a friends bathroom, but haven’t had a computer and steady Internet to actually use it until now. So we’ll see how well my new iPad goes.

I hope to use this as a place to put some of my books, songs, thoughts, etc. outside of my mind. So here we go….

Today, at my work, I was listening to Mike Cuban (or maybe it’s Mark Cuban), the owner of the Mavs, speak to a group of high school students about fulfilling their dreams. As he was speaking it made me think of something I had heard John Mayer say, and i had heard Dirk say, and had heard my Dad say – “Do what you want”. Of course it wasn’t actually those words but the message was all the same. And if you’re someone that knows me or has spent any length amount of time with me you’ve probably heard me say those words, “do what you want”. I remember back when I was in high school there was this unspoken (or rarely spoken) thought that if you wanted to be “on fire for God” you had to be in some sort of full time ministry. I don’t think that’s the case at all. At all at all. If you want to be a football player or a studio musician, then i think you have every right to pursue that and freakin do it. The church, of all people, should be the ones pushing the creativity around. Not be 40 years behind! We have the Creator God in our stomachs and yet we puke up things that people were doing 20 years. Don’t be afraid to do what you want.

I don’t remember who it was but, I heard a lecture speaker at CFNI say that Christians anymore are just Christians helping Christians to become better Christians. And to me that seems almost (sorta in a way) a waste of time. It’s as f the church has lost sight of the world and focused on itself. Last time I checked the Great Commission said “go”. Thats a heck of a verb if you ask me.

Do what you want kid. The church needs musicians, doctors, lawyers, and football players that are fulfilling the Great Commission.

If you can dream it then you can do it. Not even the sky should limit.


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